Masterpiece casa_casa, interpretation of a mosque…

my bf is amazing

i love living in paris more than anything,
i can’t believe it’s already been 3 months.
i’ll be posting some more pictures of my life here in the near future!


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my tiger, o’malley.

'when i like people immensely i never tell their names to anyone.
it is like surrendering a part of them. i have grown to love secrecy. 
it seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvellous to us. 
the commonest thing is delightful if one only hides it.’

-the picture of dorian gray
oscar wilde 

currently listening to this song. on repeat. this song goes waaay back, good times.

got an exam tomorrow, it’s about the history of typography. seriously, this stuff is fascinating. i’ve studied it for about 3 days with a friend of mine, she only lives a block away. we’ve studied together before, we make a great team.
today we were trash. lying on the floor-which has heating, eating cereals, eating pancakes, eating belgian fries with stew and mayonnaise. her house looked like trash. with all that food and those cigarettes it even smelled like trash

got this thing for guys who play the bass

the painting on the right is taken from these frames, 2:37 & 2:38, in this song. 
it’s really a shame they are almost unknown, only known in the french-speaking part of my country. i saw them once at a festival in the dutch-speaking part, were i live, they were like the band that had to perform in the morning. when i saw them at a festival in wallonia, as the final band at night, the crowd just went craazyyy.  

these are 4 of my works. every painting has a story behind it. i entered a national competition, kunstbende, with these last year. got silver.

putting the doors on and getting ready to paint. it’s been a while so i’ll be busy for some hours. i’ve missed this. got a book from turner for my birthday, you should really look at some of his aquarelles. not quite like my style though.

i think the mass of snow just fell off our roof

what i should be doing: studying, working on that magazine-assignment, cleaning up my room.

what i am doing: getting mentally ready for the last 2 hours and eating worlds best chocolate.